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Volunteer With Perspective!

I can't give, enough reasons to volunteer at our trail runs but here are a few of the less valuable reasons:

  • Free Swag! -  as a volunteer you will receive either an event shirt, water, bottle, hat, etc. We would love to see you reppin' our race company!

  • Free Food! - Miss Vickie's food truck will leave your stomach feelin' pretty happy, and ready to take on some volunteer hours. 

  • Discount's on future trail runs! We want you to enjoy the race and save some cash on a run for yourself. Discounts will operate on the following basis:                       1- 6 Hours = 25% Off any Race

                     7- 12 Hours = 50% Off any Race

                    13- 18 Hours = 75% Off any Race

                    19- 24 Hours = 100% Off any Race

If these reasons aren't enough to make you want to sign up, here are a few more that make the experience of volunteering all the more worthwhile:

  • Knowledge:

                      There is a wealth of knowledge and diversity in the racers that come to our events. All of these athletes are happy to share their history in struggles and success that get them to the finish line of an ultra. Not only will you hear from them, but you will get to see firsthand, the problem solving, and grit it takes to get through miles of pain and torture with a smile! If you're just getting into the ultra distances, I highly recommend volunteering for this reason alone!

  • Making Friends:

                            One of the most common personality traits people in the trail running community is their level of commitment. People that come to our races are here to watch you succeed and will stick around to the very end. I have seen so many people find new running partners and sign up for races after having volunteered a shift together. It's easy to make friends with someone who is in your corner supporting you for hours on end, that's what a volunteer does!

  • Mental Well-Being

                           As a volunteer for this community you will hear more thank you's, than you ever have in your entire life. This community is so grateful for the opportunity to be supported like they are at our events. While the focus is on others, you will come to find joy in serving others. Volunteering by definition is a selfless act, but I challenge anyone to leave with a bad attitude after having served as a volunteer at one of our events. 

Sign up to Volunteer!

Volunteers earn race credits to future events and some swag for event's that they 

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