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Check out this video that Texas Monthly shot at our race in Colorado Bend State Park!

This video gives a taste of what it's like to be supported by a loving and caring community in order to finish the race, no matter the distance, night or day, or both!

To see the full interview/article click the link below!

Perspective Pacing:

There are three values that I treasure in which running has brought into my life.

Service, Gratitude, & Perspective


                       The first time I was introduced to trail running was through volunteering. In my first trail experience I met hundreds of people, and I heard just about each one of these people look me in the eye and say "thank you for being here". Volunteering by definition is a selfless act, but I believe that in the trail running world when you trade your time for service you end up with a surplus of joy, and not just for yourself but for those you serve as well. My goal for these events is to produce them with the same quality and care that all the volunteers before me have provided for me, the times I've participated in a race. I've always told myself that if I can take care of the trail running community, as well as it treats itself, I'll now that I'm doing the job right. 


                      Here are a few things that I am grateful for: running, community, challenges, opportunities. Running has opened up an avenue of life for me that I'll never stop being thankful for. Through running I've had some of the most fun experiences, going on runs, pacing, crewing, or just supporting dear friends. I've had people that I've met through trail runs come out to support me at a race and made me feel like I truly had a community in my corner just wanting me to succeed in life. Running has shown me that I've always had the ability to get more out of myself, and that a community makes it easier to see how far you can go. Trail runners have always been so giving in my experience. I've seen volunteers give the clothes off their back to keep a runner warm, or a head lap to make it through the dark. Everyone is so willing to help the next person because everyone understands that it is a struggle and no one is out here alone. This is just the standard of care that every runner seems to follow because what is "going the extra mile" to a runner anyway, right? Running is a gift, and it's something that I would like to continue to share with everyone I meet through these events. 


                  There are so many people that I've met through trail running that have shared their experiences with me to see life through a different perspective. I've had people use running to get through divorces, car accidents, P.T., graduation, loss of a loved one, moving across states, you name it. Running is such a great teacher because it humbles you, because there's always a bigger challenge waiting for you. Running also shows you, that you are capable of getting through all the lows that life will throw at you. I've always used running as an outlet, when I'm sad, happy, angry, frustrated, apathetic, and it's always helped bring peace into my life. Running has helped me prove to myself that I am capable of so much more. My hope is that everyone who joins in on this community is not only a witness to the struggles and success of others, but they are also able to develop a sense of belief in themselves. The confidence you can gain in trail and ultra running is so applicable to so many other aspects of life. You borrow the belief that this community provides in you, until you are able to believe in yourself, and from that you become a person without limits.  

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