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Spider Mountain  

4 Mi 8Mi 12Mi Run 4Mi Ruck 12Mi Ruck

6 Hour 9 Hour 12 Hour Run & 12 hour Relay

Burnet Tx.


Spider Mountain Trail Run, Ruck, & Youth Run 

        Join us for a uniquely challenging event at the amazing Spider Mountain Bike Park on the beautiful waters of Lake Buchanan! This venue is home to Texas' first and only lift-served mountain bike park. Hone your climbing and downhill trail running skills, experiment with long distance and mountain running equipment, dial in your night time running technique and nutrition, train and develop mental toughness for ultra success! This race is a perfect way to get ready for the summer Capt’n Karl’s Trail Series and other long distance mountain events. Each person that runs gets to experience this extraordinary course & EVERYONE will get to ride the super cool Texas Eagle Quad Chairlift!

What Distances Where, & When???

Races Offered:​

4 Mile, 8 Mile and 12 Mile Trail Run

4 Mile and 12 Mile Trail Ruck

6 Hour, 9 Hour, 12 Hour Trail Run & 12 Hour Relay 

Youth Trail Run​


Each of these distances will have a 15 minute window to start their race. Each participant will receive a "Gun Time" and a "Chip Time". Awards will be based off of "Gun" time, therefore, it benefits every competitor to start on time.

Live Results:

Live results can be found by hitting the button below. This will show viewers the last time a partipcant cross the timing mats. 

​Schedule of Events:​


Race Briefing:   6:30 - 6:45 PM          


The Race Briefing will include details about the course as well as insights for each race distance. This is not mandatory for our runners, however it may give a competitive edge for those who are competing for a podium spot.              


​Kids Mile -       6:45 PM - 7:30​ PM


Great News! The Youth Mile will be starting at 6:30pm on the dot. We Will ride the chairlift as a group up to the top of Spider Mt, and run the course downhill to the finish line. A parent is required to ride the chairlift with their child to the start of the mile, NO EXCEPTIONS. We want this event to be fun and safe for everyone, therefore we will have volunteers guide children along the course so that parents do not have to run the mile down and can catch them at the finish line.


​6/9/12 Hour Races & 12 Hour Relay:  7:30 PM - 7:45​ PM


4/8/12 Mile Run & 4/12 Mile Ruck - 8:00 PM - 8:15 PM



Spider Mountain Bike Park - 200 Greenwood Hills TrailBurnet, TX  78611United States​

Medals /Awards


Medals will be given to all finishers. We understand that sometimes there are circumstances that prevent someone from finishing the race. As a token for your effort we would still like to offer those who make an attempt at any distance, a medal to commemorate the miles they did complete. Hopefully it will serve as a reminder to comeback and get the job done!


For Spider Mountain, Awards will be given out to the top 3 overall male and female winners, as well as the top Masters Male and Female. 


The Spider Mountain course is roughly the same for every single participant. There are 2 variations of the same loop. A Loop is specifically for everyone in the 4,8,&12 Mile distances, whether running or rucking. A Loop is an option for anyone in the 6,9,12, & 12 Hour Relay Run. 

B Loop is slightly shorter than A loop but only varies on the first ascension. B Loop is only an option for 6,9,&12 hour races. 

Spider Mountain A Loop.png
Spider Mountain B Loop.png

Aid Station

For this event we will have 2 aid stations. The first aid station will be at the start/finish which can be found after every 4 mile loop. There is a second aid station called Mountain Top that will be touched twice on the 4 mile loop. The first touch will be roughly .8 Miles into the course and the second touch will be 2.7 miles into the course. That being said, runners will find a consistent amount of aid support never going more than 2 miles without an opportunity to grab more nutrition or hydration.

At these aid stations you will be able to find the following for fuel:

Cookies, PBJ sandwiches, Oranges, Bananas, Watermelons, Pickles, Pickle Juice, Cookies, Fruit Snacks, Pringles, Coke, Mt. Dew, Ginger Ale, Tailwind & Saltstick 

We have found that these items allow runners to properly fuel themselves to get through any ultra. 

Disclaimer: We are a CUPLESS EVENT! For those new to the trail running world/etiquette, we like to treat our venues with respect and do not use plastic or styrofoam to serve out water. Please bring your own cup, water bottle, hydration vest, or other form of water containment so we can help maintain the clean environment we are permitted to use for this event. 

Spider Mountain Aid Station Chart.png


Rucks are a unique way to challenge the body and they test one's limits in a way that running alone does not.  Here are some guidelines we keep to ensure that competition is fair and consistent between competitiors:


  • A ruck sack (these can come in many forms, but need to be sturdy enough to carry some independent weight along with any other nutrition and gear for the run)

  • If you weigh under 150lbs, we will require a 20lb weight.

  • If you weigh over 150lbs, we will require a 30lb weight.

  • Mandatory ruck weigh in will take place prior to the start when you pick up your timing chip, and at the finish line.

  • Weight cannot be anything consumable or wearable like food or water or clothing. But pretty much anything else goes.

  • The mandatory amount of weight cannot be on the shoulders or chest. It must be on your back.

  • No sling bags or duffel bags or anything like that.

  • Any type of backpack (ruck) is acceptable otherwise.

  • Trekking poles will be allowed for this event. 

  • You can carry additional gear and supplies like food, water and clothing (and you should), but that will be additional weight.


  Pacers are allowed at this race for folks doing the 9hr and 12hr distances. Pacers are allowed from 12:00am until the end of the race. All pacers will need to pay a Special Event Fee (10$). Pacers must start and end at the Texas Eagle AS/Race Hub. Only one pacer with a runner at a time. No mule-ing. All pacers must complete the online registration form and check in to receive their pacer bib.


Come out and volunteer with us at Spider Mountain! Every race that you have ever participated in has had a crew of volunteers to make it possible. Without the support of volunteers, races wouldn't exist! Take this opportunity to give back to your running community and sign up to volunteer!

If you'd like to take care of your fellow runner, email

P.S. If and when you do decide to volunteer, there are some pretty cool swag and discounts available for future races!


 There are a few options for lodging on-site at Spider Mountain. To book your stay click here:

There is NO camping at Spider Mountain. For those in the longer distances, you are allowed to bring an open canopy style pop up tent, and can place it at the start line, in the staging area. There are only 20 spots, on a first come first serve basis. There is camping just down the road at Reveille Peak Ranch. To find more information on the closest camping option, click the link below:


Miss Vickies Kitchen and Catering will be onsite to provide meals for all paying customers. From brisket burger to breakfast tacos, Miss Vickies kitchen will have a meal to make your stomach full and your heart happy!

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